About Us

Meet Jackie

I am a farm girl, a wife, mother, and in 2013 I became the owner of The Bread Basket. I was born and raised in this community, on a farm near Manchester, where I still live today. I loved cooking for my family and when my nest became empty, (or nearly empty- does it ever become truly empty?) I decided to try my hand at cooking for others. So here I am, in the kitchen once again cooking and baking and having the time of my life!  

Farm to Fork

Farming has literally put food on my table all my life. I understand the evolution of how food is raised, processed, sourced, and tabled. I care deeply about where my food comes from.  Our "farm-to-fork" concept is utilized as often as possible, starting with the home raised Black Angus beef we breed and raise on our farm.  It’s processed at a local USDA approved locker, where it’s inspected and labeled as such. Summertime in Iowa brings an abundance of garden fresh produce, starting at home once again, with my garden. Since time and energy limit my supply, I have other local gardeners that I rely on heavily. Those who supply my food know the quality I demand as they know I make all the choices about whom I work with, what I buy and what I serve. My "farm-to-fork" model ensures nutritional integrity, food freshness, and supports local family farms.

My Intensions

As we strive each day to be better, we keep in mind that everything is connected. Fresh food means less waste and great taste. Great taste and service makes happy customers and happy customers create a fun and friendly atmosphere.  I am blessed with great co-workers and while we work hard every day we strive to take time to really get to know our customers. Many of which we call friends!

Jackie Mormann